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Do you like Suikoden saga's Wolrd ? Then you'll like Suikoden High East Rebellion (SHER for short)!

Through this game made by passionate fans, you will experience the conflict of High East Rebellion, which took place 12 years after the Dunan War ( the second game in Konami's saga: Genso Suikoden II). Get ready, the 108 Stars await you with a new gameplay!

Let's talk a bit more about the project.

The software used for creating the project is RPG Maker SHER, well known by makers (name given to the amateurs who create video games). The version used here is XP, more commonly known RMXP. While you explore this  website, you may meet  RPG Maker specific terms. A lexicon is proposed in the Sprites section to help you understand the technique of creating a game

If you want to comment on the game, give advice or ask questions, you can contact the project manager by mail:

Mikltov [at] (replace [at] with @).

For questions about the site, report bugs or errors, you can contact the webmaster 

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